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Workforce Assessment Case Studies Improving Profits

Gender Equality and Diversity

A large financial organisation was proud of its Gender Equality and Diversity and Inclusion policies.

However a 3Sights analysis showed that gender equality actually hit a glass ceiling close to the bottom of the organisation and then went on to demonstrate that substantial savings were available by addressing the problem.

The project took one week to uncover the issue, analyse the potential saving and report the necessary changes.

The full benefits in achieving its true Diversity and Inclusion targets are ongoing and increasing. However the organisation has claimed an effective increase in its workforce performance and productivity by more than 16% without increasing the workforce costs.

Absenteeism and Attendance

A large public-sector organisation believed it had low absenteeism and high attendance rates.

3Sights analysis showed that absenteeism was actually much higher and that this was highly disruptive to the organisation. Further analysis using the distribution of Bradford scores (a measure of worker absenteesism) uncovered some specific challenges within the organisation that were quite serious.

Some specific causes for the rates of absenteeism were highlighted and remedial action recommended.

Further management efforts in managing the absenteeism had a dramatic impact on both productivity and workforce costs.

Overall the changes led to a reduction in absenteeism of around 15%, improving profits by around 10% as well as a large but unquantifiable improvemens to the work environment and the reputation of the organisation.

High Calibre Employee Attrition

In a global bank, many of the high performer leavers were fast track tier one resources, destined and groomed for future executive positions at Chief Operating Officer grades and above. In many cases, the attrition was unexpected and in all cases, very costly, to an estimated cost of circa $1.4 billion.

Attrition was grouped into:

  • Recruitment costs - time and money spent on the actual recruitment process along with the costs associated with a percentage of the new recruits who have failed to achieve the expected level of performance.
  • Grooming costs - acclimatisation costs could be high along with the costs of mandatory training, developmental training, certification etc.
  • Ramp-up costs - Full productivity takes time to achieve even with the ablest of performers. Ramp-up costs include the lost revenue during the time for recruitment and for the time to reach the performance levels of the previous incumbent. This may take up to two years depending on the complexity of the role and the attainment levels required.

3Sights used HR data to identify the high earners likely to resign in the near future along with the likely factors causing them to leave.

This enabled employees to be targeted with remedial actions thereby causing less of them to resign.

The attrition rate reduced by 45% in the first year. The costs involved were a tiny fraction of the money saved calculated to be several hundred million dollars.

Organisational Structure

In an established global technology company, the 3Sights Workforce Assessment model showed significant operational drag through a siloed and stove-piped structure with the Span of Control being too deep and too wide.

High staff turnover identified by the analysis was also amplifying the issue, leading to vacant positions reporting to vacant positions and multiple departments and divisions without managers or supervisors. This led a cliff-face drop-off in productivity across the entire organisation.

The 3Sights Assessment paved the way for substantial savings and increases in productivity.

Later, the organisation proposed a split between their technology and service divisions with many employees being key to both.

A 3Sights Assessment was able to identify exactly how best to split the organisation whilst maximising savings, improving operational capability and minimising risk along with the the associated costs and return on investment. Project delivery was on time and on budget.

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