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Predictive Machine Driven Analytics

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Outcome Engine

We use predictive analytics as the starting point of our processes to control outcomes of interest.

Predictive analytics is that part of advanced analytics used to make predictions about future outcomes. It uses patterns in historical transactional and analytical data to identify relationships between variables or factors. We model these relationships in webs of causality which are built on path analysis and structural equation modelling.

Our web nodes have direction of influence, size of influence and cost of influence. With modern enterprise questions, hundreds or thousands of variables are involved, creating enormously complex webs that simply cannot be processed by human intelligence alone.

We use our proprietary Decision Theory & Optimisation algorithms to optimise the outcomes of interest (greatest profitability, least risk, least probability of security breach, greatest probability of sale at a given price, least probability of corporate risk through workforce behaviours, and so forth) while minimising the cost of optimising the desired outcomes.

Outcome Engine node model

Although systems of this sophistication are immensely powerful, still they are not powerful enough to satisfy our vision. That is why we partner these systems with our subject matter experts, having deep domain skills and experience, to take our outcome optimisation capabilities to the next level.

So whether your problem is how to control attrition, or how to manage inventory or how to identify security breaches or manage logistics or predict risk, our outcome optimisation processes can provide you with precise and cold metrics to inform and validate your strategic decision making.

Please see our case studies for Workforce Assessment or Retail Intelligence to demonstrate how we can make a real difference to your business.

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